Why SCOAN John Chi is no longer a Wiseman.


In his message on that day, Prophet T.B Joshua went further to emphasise the downfall of one of the wise men. He said “the warning paper is in their pocket”. And that if you lean on your own strength, the devil will overpower you. Watch the video….

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  1. Nelson says:

    I am speechless and so down hearten with what happened to wiseman John Chi, may almighty God give him second chance to stand up again in Jesus name.

  2. lucy phillip says:


  3. NKINEN JULIE says:


  4. maureen chick says:

    no matter what truely happens i believe God is interested in a nsoul that rises after falling. i know he shall rise by Gods grace. this is m,y greatest prayer

  5. Sawa boy says:

    There’s something I don’t seem to understand. Has Wiseman John Chi left SCOAN, or that he has fallen from the grace(backslidden)?

  6. mercy says:

    I pray that, may Jehova God restore him,

  7. Mrs Tumenta Rose says:

    i am so worried i pray God Almighty to restore his servant John Chi

  8. Roger says:

    Lord Jesus please restore John Chi I pray that you grant him peace,
    wisdom, and protection I cover him with the blood of JESUS and FIRE!

  9. Nde Ngwa says:

    I am so downcast but one thing is clear: My Father in heaven is a compassionate father. His mercy endures forever and I know he will give Wise-man John Chi another chance. A great man is not only he who has never fallen but he who gets up each time he falls. God is still saying something.

  10. Therry says:

    God protect our dear wiseman John Chi and restitute him. Let’s continuously pray for him, Prophet TB Joshua and the four wisemen.

  11. mrs elizabeth masauko says:

    i thank God that wiseman john chi was seen in the synagogue last sunday, may the good lord restore him

  12. chineduh says:

    wat did wise man john chi do?

  13. julia mashau says:

    it confuses me because no one is stating why john chi dropped from being a scoan wise man. can somebody tell us exactly what wrong did he do? we are being kept in suspense n doing the guess work and its unfair for us who love him, i mean really…either our Baba TB Joshua goes on air and announce the reason john chi is no longer a scoan wise man, please father we bag of you..thank you Sir

  14. Edward Ludwig Amweenje says:

    Sometimes it is better not to see or hear, but in Faith pray that everything is already Okay. The more we reason the less we can do something about any situation. Please my fellow body parts of the body of Christ, lets just pray, believe and leave the rest to God. Everyone must go in his /her confinement and do a Prayer of Faith and rejoice for the Good God is still working in Wise Man Jon Chi…I LOVE YOU ALL, because LOVE LEADS….

  15. kukai says:

    may God almighty restore him in Jesus name.

  16. Chijioke Ben. Orji says:

    I pray that God Almighty restore, atone, and strengthen him back via the blood of our saviour Jesus Christ which He shaded on the cross of cavalry for our edification be with him (John chi) in Jesus name. Amen!

  17. Lord Jesus Christ please, have mercy, we love our Brothern give him a second chance.

  18. MBUSA MBAILWAKO Osee says:

    Lord Jesus have Mercy upon your servant J Chi. I pray for your grace to all the 5wise men and to our Papa TB Joshwa. Lets your name be glorified.

  19. julius nyatondo frm zimbabwe says:

    Please Lord Jesus Christ we pray that you reload wiseman John Chi with your Mighty Power so that he continues with Your work my Lord in Jesus’ name, amen.

  20. Ndifon Kenneth says:

    If Wise man John Chi is,then where did he go to.I pray he comes back in Jesus Name.Amen.

  21. Jeff Pachawo says:

    Fellow worriors in Christ, a righteous man FALLS SEVEN TIMES but RISES UP AGAIN. The issue is NOT about being shot down by the devil, BUT about RISING UP AGAIN! Lets continue to pray for our worrior John Chi to RISE UP AGAIN. Devil, you are a liar.Rise up, rise up, rise up, John Chi, we are in battle.. Living christians, let us RUN to the battle front thru PRAYERS and RESCUE our “injured” worrior John Chi. in CHRIST JESUS NAME! This side of battle field [Zimbabwe] salvos after salvo of prayer missiles are launching to rescue besieged John Chi.

  22. julius nyatondo frm zimbabwe says:

    Indeed wise man John Chi we pray to our God to let you return to serve Him forever

  23. Joy Kame says:

    John Chi i pray that God restore you to your previous position. God bless.

  24. rachael ebob ayuk says:

    rachael ayuk
    john chi may the almighty god give you strength and let his grace continue to be sufficient for you. remember the best is yet to come

  25. Hunter says:

    I know the plans i have for you,plans to prosper you not to harm,plans to give you Hope and the Future thou says the Lord.God has really blessed us with such a wonderful Gift,a loving Daddy who hears from our Lord Jesus,the one who is instructed by the Holy Spirit,the one who is enveloped by the LOVE of God.I really thank God for the Life of that Man Senior Major Prophet T.B.Joshua and I thank God for His Family for allowing God to work through him and the support they render to Him,i thank God for that and God bless and keep them,Shield them and Strengthen them always in Jesus Name.

    Just like the Prophet said that he prays that God restore him,and us indluded Jesus,Jesus,Jesus hear our humble cry.Lord nothing in this world satisy,your presence is heaven to us.

    God is in Control

  26. Hunter says:

    Oh Lord restoration is what we need,Lord may my name appear when you restore my fellow Brother,there is no need to know what he has done but Lord have mercy on me,i have sinned against you,against heaven and your People therefore Lord um not better than anyone.Restore us to the Joy of your Salvation Lord.We thank you for the life of the Man of God Senior Major Prophet T.B.Joshua,His Family and the Scoan Family.

    We thank you Lord for you are God who answers prayer,We thank you for you have not turned away our Prayers nor your Mercy from Us.


  27. Hunter says:

    Oh Lord Jesus,the world is so blessed to have a medium of Emmanuel TV , the Man who heared God and stood up to follow the Star and the Family that stood by Him from His Humble beginings.Jesus Bless this Family my Father and my God.The love that rains in that Man is so strong.

    Jesus is Lord,

  28. Efuetanzoh Joseph says:

    Thank GOD for bringing back John Ch. Glory be to HIM.i

  29. Royd says:

    We are one big family…and Jesus is lord…I thank God for the gift of the SCOAN family.

  30. michael says:

    please father what happen forgive him 4 you are a merciful God…..God is already doing something in Jesus name… amen

  31. Deborah says:

    I want to ask SCOAN Senior Prophet TB Joshua for one thing let us revenge our enemy(Satan) by praying for and supporting the wise man and then giving him a second chance to work for his God!Let us compare the fruit of the good work against the mistake. May God bless you!

  32. samuel synoden says:

    If he can given a second chance please let it be.

  33. Ncha Lionel says:

    please almighty GOD help our father senior prophet T.B Joshua to fine a place in his heart to bring our wise man john chi back. I believe with a second chance he would do better than before.

  34. Alicia says:

    Pray,pray and pray!
    There is no way the devil will sit and watch his kingdom being wrecked like this,I’m reminded of a testimony by a lady living in South Africa but a Nigerian who had visited scoan for deliverance from a giant man.This lady ame back this December to s pan testifying that he giant man appeared to her physically and told her that it was goin to frustrate and fight he prophet by using 2 of he 5 wisemen and leave the Prophet with 3.

    Brethren let us pray for he Prophet,his wife and the wisemen all of them,including their children as the devil will use anything close to he prophet to ridicule God.

    • jovita says:

      if God be for us who can be against us? let the will of God be done.
      i pray for the prophet tb Joshua and the wise men may God guide them and their family and be with them always.

  35. Ngeremendukah says:

    My dady Prophet TB Joshua, Bro Chi John is in cameroon. He has opened a new mission. Is it save for me to go there?

  36. Ngwe Rosset says:

    Wise man john Chi is in Cameroon.He was interviewed today and i watch it Live on Hello CRTV.You guys can watch the rebroadcast at 3AM tomorrow 1hr GMT.He has open his ministry in Cameroon. Why did he leave the SCOAN?Pls i need answers.

  37. emmanuel eke says:

    jon chi is hosting a revival on 28/02/2014 at ominis spot steadum in douala cameroon

  38. emmanuel eke says:

    i want to if is conected with scoan and emmanuel tv

  39. NFOR says:


  40. NFOR says:


  41. NFOR says:

    And remember that the ston that then builder refuse mut always become the head coner ston.

  42. mixes says:

    There grace one given can not be taken back and for those asking qtions are we safe to go there? where you worship do not carry you to heaven but you faith most important, salvation is personal

  43. Pastor Micheal Okeke says:

    Eke Emmanuel er u sure abt this I am worried. Bt if it is his for his glory. Let it be

  44. Michelle says:

    Pastor Micheal, it is true. John Chi is in Cameroon and just hosted a crusade at Omnisport Stadium Douala.


    you all should please be a helper to wiseman john chi is my wiseman so he is well ordain an bless so follow him to recieve your healing an delivrance in Jesus name; for any inquary contact me directly on; j.prophetb@yahoo.com

  46. mmajaci says:

    what is going on here,did wise man leave scoan for real and now recites in cameron ?

  47. mmajaci says:

    i dont believe this….

  48. Mumbe Cletus T says:

    Whatever happened to the chosen of the Almighty God, just like Jonas, Paul, Thomas and other sons of God; surely, a chosen servant of God never slips down to the pit but God allows it so that the flesh should learn to abide by the dictates of the spirit and the Will of God to stand back firm. John Chi, through the grace of GOD his Master and saviour , will rise up and stand stronger than before to do what God had intended for Him !

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