Transparency International Empowers Women to Fight Corruption


Twenty women, drawn from various Non-Governmental Organisations, NGOs, and women associations involved in the fight against corruption, have received training on various techniques and strategies to combat the vice in Cameroon.
This was during a two-day workshop that ended in Yaounde on Friday, September 26, organized by the Cameroon bureau of the leading anti-corruption international organization, Transparency International.

“We have found that men have the courage to go out and denounce corruption but women are shy” the vice president of Transparency International Cameroon, Beatrice Elom told reporters.
The workshop held under the theme “women and the fight against corruption”. Its main objective was to sensitize women of the need for them to get involve in the fight against corruption.
It was also a forum for Transparency International to encourage women to denounce corruption practices against themselves, given that they are specific victims of corruption and sexual abuse.
“This seminar will help me and my organization, Women, Health and Development to assist women who are victims of corruption, sensitize them to fight sexual violence, corruption and rape” said a participant, Alima Ngoumou.

Transparency International-Cameroon is a civil society organization with an objective to fight against corruption through the creation of more solid coalitions by helping and granting autonomy to corruption victims.
The organization also testifies against corruption and ensures that good governance and integrity are highlighted in both public and private institutions.
In its 2013-2018 strategic plan, named Orientation Strategy I, relating to the involvement of actors in the fight against corruption, the organization seeks to encourage populations to denounce corrupt acts and practices.

By Jude Fuhnwi

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