Tiko-Douala Accident Leaves 19 Dead (Graphic Images)

Accident Tiko Douala

There has been report of a ghastly motor accident along the Tiko-Douala high way in the early hours of Wednesday 4th of September 2013. Sources  say, an oncoming truck from Douala collided head on with a  commercial bus from Buea, and 19 people lost their lives in the process.

The victims were transferred to the Buea Regional Hospital mortuary. Those involved were mostly traders who were enroute to Douala to purchase some goods.

May their souls rest in perfect peace.

Graphic Images. Viewers discretion advised!

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12 Responses to Tiko-Douala Accident Leaves 19 Dead (Graphic Images)

  1. Sawa boy says:

    I think it is high time we embark on SOS road campaigns. With all the wealth we have, why can’t we construct a 2 way carriage system. Travel to Kumba through Buea and you will be shocked at the kind of road we have there. It is more a death trap. What of Douala-Yaounde. A country where human life means nothing!

    • Rooby Ako says:

      I really don’t think the roads are the primary cause,Why not sensitize road users first.In the western world don’t u hear of accidents?is it bc of their state of roads?First thing first road users should drive with prudent.Recently,the road in Buea ,how many accident was recorded after the middle lane was removed?i mean the drivers are more to be trained just like Mola Fako said.

  2. Mola Fako says:

    Very sad indeed…Personally I don’t think the roads are the major issues. Everyone can attest, our roads have come a long way. What I think is the major issue are lack of better driving training and enforcement practices. Most drivers back home don’t drive with caution and very impatient. If we add more lanes we shall see more accidents its that easy. Drivers need to be more patient rather than always wanting to overtake to show that they can drive better. This is so disheartening considering a lost a cousin exactly the same way in Bombe (Kumba to Buea) two years ago.

    Our condolence goes out to their families and may their souls rest in perfect peace.


  3. Coleman Love says:

    Paul Biya needs to address the nation about accident like this.

  4. Ursular Tabs says:

    May God comfort the families. This should be as a wake up for our fellow Cameroonians to surrender themselves to Christ, He alone can protect us from all these, the devil has done all these, witches are enjoying themselves with their blood, satan is at work and is blood thirsty, The name of the Lord (Jesus)is a strong tower the righteous run into it and are safe.

  5. Nsam says:

    Popua is not bothered about it. We need separate lanes where oncoming has nothing to do with ongoing traffick.
    Secondly, we need uncorrupt traffick police officers to enforce speed limit.
    Thirdly, DUI has to stop. I travelled in a bus where passengers offered the driver bottle and bottles of beer so he can drive safely. Our public need this education that if you drive, don’t drink. We need to launch this campaign in Cameroon to reduce the fatalities on our roads.

  6. Dextel Elad says:

    In fact, the accident is really painful to everyone who Watch the images. I am 100% in accordance with Mola Fako. Just like he said, more laines will give drivers more Madness in thier driving. 90% of those cameroon drivers obtain licence through the back doors without any training and examinations. Bad roads yes BUT total absence of high way code. The girl( TABE) lying dead is from Tiko and has been a family friend to us all.
    I drove from Tiko to Kumba during my holidays in Cameroon and i saw wonders. Drivers crossing the white line separating the two laines just to over take. In our Europen driving schools, we were thought white line is like a wall which you cannot break through or even temper to toutch with your wheels. May their gentle souls rest in peace Amen.

  7. TAH Tembon says:

    It is horrifying that caccident like this can still happen in this 21 century. My heart goes out to the families of the victims.

  8. Silanda says:

    This is really painful. Fellow Cameroonians it is high time we become responsible and stop complaining about the government even when it is our own faults. This action clearly shows how irresponsible this stupid driver is, I wish he can be jailed for life because withdrawing his license will not serve any good as these stupid idiots (useless drivers) will never stop showing off on how they can drive. Minister of transport, please come on board.

  9. Sawa says:

    I disagree with you Silanda. Primarily the government has to be blamed. Who are those issuing the licenses?

  10. manjo says:

    its really a terrible thing to lost strong health cameroonians just like that. i think its a wake call to us all we need seek the lord with all our strength for we don’t really know the hour nor second. i wish had word express every emotion am feeling right now. Lord please grants peace and tranquility to the hearts of the bereaved.

  11. peace boy says:

    the fact here is that cameroonians need to join and pray for we need total delivrance cuz we got everything like money and other things but we are not makiing use of it, it really means that the devil is manipulating us all.let join and pray for this nation

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