Those Biya is likely to appoint to Senate

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As countdown narrows to May 9, deadline for president Biya to complete the list of Senators with the appointment of 30 others, sources who did not want to be mentioned have told the Journal those the President is likely going to appoint.

The sources said the President will be appointing some members of the current cabinet into the senate and that once this is done there will be a cabinet shake up. Another member of government who requested anonymity confirmed that they are expecting a new cabinet.

Away from government, the president our sources said will appoint others from political parties. He will appoint senators from the SDF party, the CDU and NUDP, three political parties that took part in the senatorial race. Dakolle Daissala’s MDR party is also seen as another political source for a senate appointment.

Some minority groups have expressed intention for representation in the senate. They include persons with disabilities, indigenous groups, civil society groups and traditional rulers.

After appointment of the senators, they will meet in Yaounde May 14. On May 20, the President of the Senate will sit next to President Biya in the tribune during national day march past.

Who will be the president of the Senate? Speculations are rife over many possible personalities including Frank Biya, the President’s own son. As Biya keeps the name of the person to his chest, the post is of great constitutional importance. The head or the deputy is designated as the Presidents’ successor. The constitution says where the presidency of the republic becomes vacant as a result of death, resignation or permanent unavailability, ascertained by the Constitutional Council, the powers of the interim President of the republic shall be exercised right away until the election of a new President by the President of the Senate.

Where the latter is also unable to exercise the powers they shall be exercised by the VP following the order of precedence in the Senate.

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