South-West FECAFOOT: Uncertainty looms over upcoming elections


The Cameroon Football Federation normalization committee has recently declared the ineligibility of the South West Regional bureau to vote, just eleven days to the date set aside for holding various FECAFOOT regional elections

According to the Fecafoot normalization committee decision, six divisional leagues in the region had not been functional making it unclear if any of such elections will be organized in the region.

Following the crucial resolution from the football governing body in the country, the eligibility of who votes in the forthcoming Fecafoot elections is doubtful.

Although the pronouncement form, the Fecafoot normalization committee indicated that only regional club presidents have franchise, observers to the elections have argued on the small nature of voters as compared to the 42 delegates from divisions hitherto vote.

Still in the South West region, Kupe Manenguba and Lebialem teams though programmed to partake in the ongoing second round league matches, are yet to effect their membership and participation.

Botafogo FC and Sharks of Idenau have not participated even in a single game at the divisional league level.

Meanwhile the likes of Little Foot of Tiko, Stars Sports of Limbe, Dynamic FC and Lakers of Kumba amongst others have dropped to inferior league in no time.

Due to a silent tussle between the three Fecafoot presidential hopefuls in the region, football fans have decried the sham and ignominy of football in the Southwest.


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