Senatorials: Fako boils over Mbella Moki, Matute investiture

Ndian also protests endorsement of grade II teachers as CPDM senatorial candidates
·       Musonge, Dion Ngute accused of manipulating investiture committee
·       CPDM councillors threaten null vote in protest 
From Ashu Tidings in Limbe
All is not going well within the ranks of the CPDM in Fako and Ndian divisions in the South West region; following the publication of the list of the ruling party’s senatorial candidates, last week end.
Agitations, frustration, anger and signs of disappointment are growing by the day in Ndian, Limbe, Tiko, Idenau, Muyuka and even Buea. This gloomy picture that characterizes the political atmosphere within the ranks of the Fako CPDM is a great departure from earlier expectations that the people of Fako would stage a support-march for President Biya for endorsing the candidature of the hardworking and popularity-rated Buea council mayor, Mbella Moki Charles.
Most CPDM bigwigs and councillors who spoke to The Guardian Post on condition of anonymity say they cannot understand why and how two substantive candidates, Mbella Moki Charles and Matute Daniel (both from Buea) were endorsed; leaving out Limbe, Tiko and Muyuka.
A Limbe-based CPDM bigwig who also pleaded to remain anonymous, says former prime minister, Peter Mafany Musonge and the minister delegate in charge of the commonwealth, Chief Joseph Dion Ngute are responsible for the injustice that has been done to Limbe, Tiko and Muyuka. “They have used their influence to manipulate the CPDM investiture committee”, he cried out in frustration.
To better market the frustration, anger and the rising tension in Fako, a Tiko CPDM councillor; identified as Mola Edimo Wilson in an open letter to the CPDM party chairman, President Biya says “Musonge and Dion Ngute should be held responsible if the CPDM loses in Fako come April 14, 2013”. Full text of Councillor Mola Edimo’s open letter below.
If the frustration in Fako is that the two substantive candidates both hail from Buea where Musonge also comes from, the anger in Ndian division is rather that Dion Ngute used his influence to cause the investiture of grade II teachers. Both Ankie Affiong Rebecca Amah (the substantive candidate) and her alternate, Effiong Denis Elange are known to be grade II teachers.
“Who’s shadow is Dion Ngute afraid of? This is an insult to the highly-educated people of Ndian division and you can take it from me that Ndian CPDM councillors will not accept this rubbish”, a prominent CPDM official from the area told The Guardian Post on phone.

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