Robbers Strike Army Camp, Snatch FCFA 1.1 Million

Long street

By Andrew Nsoseka & Aisha Endale*

An armed gang of five stormed the residence of a businessman beside the Army Camp in Buea, in the night of August 22 breaking August 23, and made away with FCFA 1.1 million, 15 mobile phones and other items. The gang, armed with two guns, operated in the businessman’s residence which is also near the regional headquarters of the Mobile Intervention Brigade, GMI Buea.

According to the wife of the victim, Debora Nformi, the 15 mobile phones had communication credits estimated at FCFA 1.5 million. Talking to The Post after the incident, Debora Nformi said: “This incident started in the evening when some two boys were loitering around my shop. One of them was on a motor bike, while the other one kept on moving up and down.

One of them asked me to give him one of my phones to make a call as we were about to close for the day. A few hours after we left the shop and went back home, I heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door, I saw five boys with two guns asking after my husband. I told them that my husband was not at home, even though he was inside the room.

They asked me to handover my bag and all the telephones I use in the shop. They grabbed the bag and as I was struggling with them, I sustained injuries on my leg and back. It was only after one of them fired a gun in the air that I let go my bag and the mobile phones,” she recounted. However, despite the struggle between woman and the men of the underworld, her husband could not come out of his room for fear of his life.

After seizing the bag and the mobile phones, the bandits scampered away. Despite the shouting by Nfromi’s children calling on neighbours and private security guards to come to their aid, none of them did. Only a few neighbours joined in the vain pursuit of the bandits.

The inhabitants of Long Street Buea were startled by the non-response from the elements of the forces of law and order, as none of them showed up at the scene of the incident, given that it took place hard by the Army Camp and the GMI.

“The security operatives have probably been sleeping from running after benskin boys and harassing drivers for FCFA 500,” one of the inhabitants averred. Elements of the GMI only came to the scene the following morning and promised to investigate the incident.

Cameroon Post

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