Presidential decree corrects wrongs of the past


A Presidential decree signed on 26th September 2014 modifies the provisions of the Presidential decree of 31st October 1972 on the organization and functioning of the country’s football selections.

The new decree modifies aspects relative to management, admissions into football selections and payment of bonuses.
In a nutshell, it reduces the influence of the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education and empowers the Cameroon Football Federation.

The following are some of the most significant changes;
1.  Management
–    The Administrative Directorate in charge of National Selections formerly in the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education shall now be lodged within FECAFOOT and its Coordinator appointed by the President of FECAFOOT
–    The financial management of National selections shall be jointly carried out by the Ministry of Sports and FECAFOOT
–    Subventions to FECAFOOT shall be considered public funds and its management subjected to scrutiny by competent authorities
2. Admissions into National selections

The new law emphasizes on the need to protect home-based players in all selections
–    Within the Under -20 squad, 70 percent of players called up must be home-based players
–    The Under-15 and Under-17 categories shall be entirely made up of home-based players
–    Players called up in the National team shall be expected to take an oath to respect the rules and regulations of the squad
–    All players shall be expected to receive civic education in place of the military training stipulated in the 1972 law
3.  Bonuses

–    Government shall provide subventions to FECAFOOT and these subventions shall be used in the payment of bonuses to players
–    All players and Technical Staff are entitled to bonuses
–    The amount to be paid shall be proposed by FECAFOOT and endorsed by the Ministry of Sports
These are the most significant modifications that figure in the Presidential decree, evidently, the decree has been tailored to correct the wrongs of the past.

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