Police Arrest Woman With Stolen Baby

By George Arrey Agbor

Elements of the Central Police Station No.2 in Bonassama-Bonaberi have arrested a 25-year-old lady, Mefire Fadimatou, who reportedly stole a baby at the Rail neighbourhood on February 21, 2013. The lady was nabbed at 9.00 am on Thursday, April 4, at the premises of that Police Station.  The baby, Dogmo Kenfack Ashanti, was taken away by an unknown lady as she and her elder sister went to buy bread in a nearby store that fateful day. Since then all attempts to know her whereabouts were unfruitful.
On Tuesday, April 2, Mefire Fadimatou went to give food to her boy friend, Maxwell Okamla, who was locked up at the 15th District Public Security Police Station at Carrefour Muitzig, for aggravated theft. Fadimatou had hidden a good quantity of Indian hemp inside the food.

Thanks to the vigilance of the policemen on duty that day, her evil plans were uncovered, as she had difficulties tasting her own food. Fadimatou was later transferred to the Magistrate Court in Bonanjo. The Court later sent her to the Central Police Station No.3 in Bonaberi to complete the investigations.
She tried to call the child by her new name, but she was not reacting and immediately she added Ashanti to the name, the baby turned and looked at her and started shouting Ashanti, Ashanti. Fadimatou tried to prevent the child from calling the name Ashanti to no avail. It is there that she brought the stolen baby, Ashanti, to pass the night at the Police Station. Fadimatou had already renamed the child Ornella Priscilia. While at the Police Station, a Senior Police Constable, Liliane Temgoua, who happens to be an aunt to the child, asked her a series of questions and found the responses of Fadimatou unconvincing.

As the scene was unfolding, another policeman brought the search warrant that was issued when the child was declared missing. The father, Albert Dogmo, was called in and as he arrived at the Police Station, little Ashanti shouted papa, papa. In no time news spread that there is a woman in the Station that had stolen a baby.

The whole place became like a beehive as people came to get a glimpse of the baby thief. Fadimatou then disclosed that a lady handed her that baby inside a taxi and disappeared. Fadimatou was on Friday, April 5, retransferred to the Magistrate Court in Bonanjo for illegal possession of cannabis and child theft.

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