Nine Killed in Cameroon Twin Suicide Bombings


Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in Cameroon’s northern town of Kolofata in the early hours of Sunday, 13 September 2015, killing nine and leaving several others injured.

The attack which comes barely six months after another deadly attack in the same town has been blamed on the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram.

According to reports from state media, CRTV, the two suicide bombers were strange teenage boys who arrived in the town about 6:00 am on Sunday and were spotted by some members of a local vigilante group who immediately declared them suspects.

The two attackers detonated their bombs in two different neighborhoods as members of the local vigilante tried to unmask their identity.

Aba Ganama, a Vigilante member reportedly spotted one of them at Jolie Soir, a neighborhood and tried to identify the teen when he exploded a bomb that killed them both.

The second suicide bomber was seen in another neighbourhood, known as Quartier Latin by another vigilante group member named Dogo Golder. The bomber alerted by the first explosion, immediately released his explosive during a conversation with Dogo, killing him and four other locals present at the scene.

Nine people died from the separate blasts and several others were injured. Five people who sustained severe injuries were evacuated to the chieftown, Maroua, six others transferred to a District hospital in a neighbouring town, Mora, while 10 other victims received on the spot treatment and were later discharged.

By Blaise Whumo

Edited by Jude Fuhnwi

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