Nigeria government acquires 12 fighter jets to combat Boko Haram

File photo of five U.S. Air Force F-16 "Fighting Falcon" jets flying in echelon formation over the U.S. en route to an exercise

The source revealed that the jets are capable of bombing in the night, adding that this would enhance the operations of the soldiers.

According to the source, modern equipment such as the Shilka guns for the army would also arrive soon, to fast-track the war against insurgency.

The source revealed that what was happening in the insurgency war was enemy within, as some disloyal troops relayed strategic information on operations to the insurgents.

It was authoritatively gathered that when an operation for bombing was being prepared, some insiders passed the information to the terrorists, a reason much impact was not being felt.

The source also added that analysis so far made on the weapons recovered from the insurgents did not show they were superior to those of the armed forces.

It was reliably gathered that most of the weapons being used by the terrorists were those collected from various police stations which were attacked by the insurgents.

Authoritative military sources said the massive arrival of equipment for the armed forces this month would see a new phase in the war against terrorism in the country.

Areas such as Gwoza, being held by terrorists, according to the source, would soon be liberated, as more troops were now being deployed to take the insurgents head on.

Nigeria Tribune

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    Good move there to the Nigerian government. This Boko Haram thing is taking a different shape.

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