Lionel Messi’s hometown bars parents from naming kids ‘Messi’


Rosario, Argentina resident Hector Varela wanted to pay homage to Lionel Messi by naming his newborn son “Messi.” And so, Messi Varela was christened, but he will be the final boy named Messi in the city.

The Barcelona star’s hometown has reportedly passed a law that bars parents from naming their children Messi. They insist that it is to avoid confusion, as dozens of kids could be named Messi. Such is the footballer’s popularity.

It is no surprise that there would be a rush to name children Messi. There is always a surge in children named after superstar athletes, whenever an athlete comes into the public consciousness. And Messi, being arguably the most famous athlete in the world, was bound to spark such a surge more than any other. Toss in Rosario being his hometown, where he is especially worshipped, and people wanting to name their children Messi was almost a given.

Rosario could not retire Messi’s No. 10, so instead they retired his name.

Does he deserve it?


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