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Chad Takes Pre-emptive Measures Aigainst Boko Haram Incursions

Boko haram2

The authorities have prohibited navigation in Chari, Logone Rivers as well as in Lake Chad. Chadian security forces have embarked on patrols in the waters of Rivers Chari, Logone and Lake Chad and meticulous control of vehicles entering the country

Burkina Faso leaders agree power transition plan

Bokina Faso

Burkina Faso’s political parties have agreed that the country’s political transition should last a year, followed by elections in November 2015. But the crisis talks in the capital Ouagadougou ended without a deal on who would head a transitional government.

Nigeria’s Boko Haram renames seized town in Adamawa state

Boko Haram

Nigeria’s militant group Boko Haram has renamed Mubi, a recently captured town, Madinatul Islam – City of Islam. It seized Mubi – the second largest town in Adamawa state – in October, after clashes with government forces. Boko Haram has

Crackdown on ape trafficking intensified in Cameroon


A baby chimp looked at the remaining of the massacre of his slaughtered family – 7 chimp heads and 30 legs and hands as the two traffickers specialized in this illegal trade were handcuffed and interrogated for their cross-border activities

2015 Nations Cup: Caf gives Morocco new deadline


The Confederation of African Football has reiterated it will not move the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations from January and has given Morocco until Saturday to decide if they will host as scheduled. Morocco want a postponement because of fears

Burkina Faso crisis: Army promises ‘transition body’


Burkina Faso’s military has said it will install a transitional government, days after it seized power as President Blaise Compaore resigned. The move came after soldiers had fired shots at the state TV station and barricaded the capital’s main square

AU Commits 2020 Deadline To End Conflicts In Africa

High Level Panel

The African Union, AU, has reiterated its commitment to silence guns in Africa and achieve good governance, democracy and sustainable peace across the continent by the year 2020. This was the major decision taken by the Union’s 3rd Annual High

Man raped after accepting lift in Reading

Man raped

A man has been raped after accepting a lift in Reading. The 24-year-old got into a silver Ford car with a man in Oxford Road, near Tesco Express, in the early hours of Sunday. The car travelled to the Norcot

Boko Haram denies ceasefire claim by Nigeria’s government

Boko Haram

Boko Haram has denied claims by Nigeria’s government that it has agreed to a ceasefire and will release more than 200 abducted schoolgirls. The group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, said the girls had converted to Islam and been married off since

Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan to run again in elections


Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has confirmed he will run again in February’s elections, his office has said. Until now he had refused to confirm his candidacy for re-election as president. The announcement comes as he faces mounting criticism over his