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Ape Skulls Dealers Nabbed in Djoum

Ape skulls

Two ape traffickers have been arrested in Djoum, South region for illegal possession and commercialization of gorilla and chimpanzee skulls. They were arrested during a crackdown operation carried out by wildlife officials working in collaboration with the police. The two

Cameroon Military Dispels Rumour Of Boko Haram Food Poisoning

BIR Cameroon

The Director of Communication in the Ministry of Defence, cleared the air on Saturday, January 17, 2015. Following persistent SMS phone text messages which have been making the rounds in the country of late of alleged poisoning by the Boko

Paul Biya Comforts German Freed Hostage


Nitsch Eberhard Robert was received in audience at the State House Saturday, January 24, 2015. It took roughly one hour at the State House last Saturday, January 24, for President Paul Biya to listen to the predicaments of Nitsch Eberhard

17 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended In Kumba


They were arrested as they entered Cameroon through Nigeria on January 21, 2015 illegally. The Commissioner of Kumba Central Police Station, Wilson Njumenjikang, in collaboration with officers of the Special Police Intervention Unit, ESIR, arrested 17 illegal immigrants on January

Vie et mort de Françoise Foning

Foning Francoise

Décédée vendredi dernier à Yaoundé, le maire de Douala V, laisse un grand vide sur la scène politique, économique et sociale. On pouvait l’aimer ou pas, une chose est certaine : « Mme Foning » ne laissait personne indifférent. Les

Cameroon: 1,000 hectares of plantain to be developed in the North-West


Business in Cameroon) – In the framework of “Grassfields Rural Infrastructure and Participatory Development Support Programme” financed by the African Development Bank (ADB), the North-West region plans to develop 1,000 hectares of plantain in Widikum. This was recently announced during

La pression monte contre Boko Haram


La réunion regroupant les ministres des Affaires étrangères et de la Défense de six pays africains (Niger, Guinée équatoriale, Tchad, Nigeria, Cameroun et du Bénin) et des représentants de sept autres Etats (Allemagne, Canada, Chine, Espagne, États-Unis, France, Royaume-Uni) s’est

Boko Haram Attacks Leave Banks, Schools Shut in Cameroon’s North


Farms are abandoned, banks and schools have closed across towns in northern Cameroon following violent cross-border attacks by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram this month. Life in the north “has been disorganized, distorted,” Cameroon’s Communications Minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary,

Cameroonian Emerging Artists Drop New Single Featuring X- Maleya


A Buea based musical duo, Rythmz have released a new track titled dancia, featuring Cameroon’s prominent musical trio, X-Maleya. The audio track was officially released on Friday, January 16, 2014. The song, recorded in the ebbing hours of 2014 introduces

Boko Haram: USA, Russia Pledge Support To Cameroon


The Minister of External Relations granted two separate audiences to the Ambassadors of the United States of America and Russia on Thursday January 15, 2014 in Yaounde. International mobilisation for Cameroon’s struggle against the Nigeria-based criminal sect, Boko Haram, is