Cameroon Musician Gives Afro-pop Music New Twist


A newcomer in Cameroon’s emerging Afro-pop music industry, named Azingeh, has added a new twist to the genre by combining contemporary Afro-pop beats with his native traditional tempo to introduce what he describes as “cultural hip hop”.

Azingeh, aged 24, released his debut single “dance any how” in September 2014, and received much acclaim for the piece. “Dance any how” is truly African and a perfect representation of Azingeh’s native Bafut culture, in the North West of Cameroon. In the music, the young artist largely uses his mother tongue, mixed with the queen’s language to share a message of courtship with his fans.

The official video of “dance any how” directed by Dante Fox is filled with the beautiful colours of Cameroon’s North West region. Produced by Hamony records, Azingeh takes exception to the conventional Afro-pop style in Cameroon by introducing beats from the country’s grassfield region.

“Because the music video was so cool and real and with the aid of some promoters, it went as far as being broadcast on Ohio State television USA and some of the biggest TV channels across the country” Azingeh told Cameroonmirror.

Azingeh added that work has advanced for his second single “hip hop from Ngrafy” which he intends to drop soon. This new music is being produced by Soft Touch, a producer with Motherland Empire Records – one of Cameroon’s leading music label.

Born and raised in Bafut, North West of Cameroon, as Amanwi Godric, the young singer chose “Azingeh” as his artistic name when he decided to pursue a career in music.

By Jude Fuhnwi

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