Cameroon Media Regulator Insists Afrique Media Suspension Still Valid


The decision suspending the Pan-African television channel, Afrique Media, from broadcasting for a period of one month in Cameroon is still effective, a press release from the country’s media regulator has stated.

In the release, made public on Monday, 12 October 2015, the vice president of the Cameroon National Communication Council (NCC), Peter Essoka refuted widespread information disseminated by local media  that the temporary suspension has been uplifted.

According to the statement, Afrique Media has refused to respect decision No. 00015/CNC of 04 June 2015 that called for a suspension of its activities for a period of one month.

The decision not to respect the sanction had caused administrative authorities to seal Afrique Media offices in the nation’s political capital, Yaounde and Douala in August,  at the request of the council.

However, the sealing of offices did not stop the Pan-African television from broadcasting, according to the release, hence defying the NCC’s decision which required it to effectively halt broadcasting for one month.

Afrique Media have acknowledged through a facebook post that the station had “not even for a second ceased broadcasting” in Cameroon.

Local media reports that Mr Essoka’s statement has come only a few days after Communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary asked him to uplift the temporary suspension on the pan African media organ.

By Blaise Whumo

Edited by Jude Fuhnwi

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