Cameroon-Chad border closed after two terrorist attacks on June 15 in Ndjamena


(Business in Cameroon) – Since June 15, 2015, circulation on the Ngueli bridge, which acts as a border between Chad and Cameroon in Extreme-North, Cameroon.
The Chadian authorities decided to do this after the double terrorist attack perpetrated on the morning of June 15, 2015 by four suicide bombers who used a vehicle loaded with explosives before the Ndjamena police station and two bikes before police headquarters in the Chadian capital.
In Kousseri, the Cameroon town that borders Chad, where business depends on the economic and political climate of Cameroon’s neighbour, businesses have already been facing the harsh consequences. Chadian transporters and businessmen will also pay a heavy price for these attacks. Indeed, according to Cameroonian customs’ figures, 340 billion FCFA in Chadian merchandise transits each year via Cameroon to get to Ndjamena after crossing the Ngueli bridge.

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