Cameroon: 68 Students in Centre Region Receive Brasseries Scholarships

Les Brasseries du Cameroun Scholarship Beneficiaries 2014


Some 68 brilliant students drawn from the ten divisions of the Centre Region have received scholarships from the brewery company, Les Brasseries du Cameroun, as motivation for their excellent performances in public exams at the end of the 2013/2014 academic year.

The scholarships were handed over to the students on Saturday, November 08, 2014 during an event organised on the Campus of the Ecole Publique Japonais de Mfandena II, Omnisport, in Yaounde by Les Brasseries in partnership with the Ministries of Basic and Secondary Education.

The colourful ceremony took place under the slogan “You do not feed your chicken on a market day” with the “top” brand of Les Brasseries on exhibition.

42 students received classic scholarships while 26 others were given special scholarships, totaling to 68 beneficiaries in the region out of the 377 students who benefitted from the Brasseries du Cameroun scholarship scheme in 2014.

Each student received a cash prize ranging from FCFA 50,000 to FCFA 500,000, depending on the category. The first category targeted pupils who had distinguished themselves in the last session of the Certificat d’Etude Primaire, CEP, and First School Leaving Certificate, FSLC, exams. The best student from each division in the region, with a mark above or equal to 15/20 bagged home a cash prize of FCFA 100,000.

However, any pupil who scored highest in his division but had a mark less than the required score of 15/20 was not eligible, noted Brasseries du Cameroun’s head of Communication Department, Helen Kameni, as she highlighted the scholarship eligibility criteria.

Meanwhile, pupils who had an excellent performance with a minimum mark of 18/20 in both exams but were not the best in their division, received special prizes worth 50 percent of the amount awarded to their mates in this category, which amounted to FCFA50,000 per pupil.

The second category involved students who performed brilliantly in the BEPC and General Certificate of Education, GCE, Ordinary Level. In this category, beneficiaries were students who emerged best in their various divisions with an average score of 13/20 and above. Each beneficiary in this category received the sum of FCFA 150,000.

Just like in Category one, any student who had the highest mark in their division but failed to accumulate a minimum average of 13/20 could not receive a scholarship from Brasseries. While laureates of the special prize of performance in this category also received 50 percent of the scholarship, worth FCFA 75,000.

In the last Category, the best students from each region of the country in both the Baccalaureat and General Certificate of Education, GCE A-Level, exams grabbed the sum of FCFA 500,000 each. For any student in the region to benefit this amount, they must have the highest score in their region with at least an average mark tantamount to or above 12/20.

Thus any student who recorded the highest mark in their region but which is below this required average score was not eligible to receive the half a million francs. However, students with exceptional performances in these exams who were challenged by more brilliant ones collected FCFA 250,000 from the brewery firm as a special prize.

There was also an encouragement prize for young girls. This prize went to girls who had at least 16/20 on average in their region but were not the overall best students. According to Helen Kameni, only one student received this prize this year and was a girl in the Littoral Region.

Speaking to The Post, one of the laureates, Tchuinkam Simo, from Franky Bilingual Primary School Biyem-Assi, who scored an average of 19.06/20 in the First School Leaving Certificate, FSLC, exams, said she was very happy with the FCFA 100,000 scholarship offered to her by Les Brasseries.

“I’m very thankful to Brasseries for this scholarship. I worked very hard and was not distracted during my studies. I encourage other pupils to also work hard, stay away from distraction and not to play” Tchuinkam told this reporter.

Elsewhere, Daniella Ajua, another laureate from Government Bilingual High School, GBHS Etoug – Ebe, distinguished herself amongst the beneficiaries as best GCE Ordinary Level Student with a record score of 11 papers, being 10 A-grades and 1 B-grade, with a total of 32 out of 33 points.

During the highly animated and colourful ceremony, the Inspector General of Education in the Ministry of Basic Education, Mispa Itoe, who chaired the event, was grateful to Les Brasseries du Cameroun for what she described as the company’s “commitment in the ranks of education to award prizes of excellence to pupils and students to encourage and motivate quality education.”

She said the “ceremony is of paramount importance to both the Ministry of Basic Education and the Ministry of Secondary Education. We need good performance and excellence in our school milieus.” Adding, “Quality education is priority and to achieve it, the impact of motivation cannot be overemphasized as it encourages hard work and competitiveness”

Itoe congratulated the laureates for their hard work during the last academic year which had distinguished them in their various schools and gave them the opportunity to be honoured at the event.

“I congratulate you for your brilliant performance and encourage you to work harder for next year. Don’t be contented with what you receive here today and sleep on your brains. You must work harder for next year” said Mispa Itoe.

On his part, the Centre Regional Manager of Les Brasseries du Cameroun, Lancien Thierry, congratulated the laureates and said the gesture by his company is part of the firm’s social responsibility, and affirmed that Les Brasseries will continue to encourage brilliant students for a better future in Cameroon.

Lancien used the proximity of the event to the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium to comment on Brasseries’ success in the training of some key players who are now part of the national team, the indomitable lions.

The principal of the host institution, Ecole Publique Japonais de Mfandena II, Mbarga Mbarga, noted that “nothing is more beautiful or greater than educating these children. If to educate is to form these children, then to motivate them is to transform”

The beneficiaries were handed cheques to cash at any express union counter of their choice anywhere in the country.

Brasseries used the event to promote its “Top” brand, encouraging students and pupils to remain loyal to the product and choose among the variety of tops the company offers for their enjoyment.

Guests at the event were entertained with Japanese choreography by pupils of Ecole Publique Japonais de Mfandena II. The Fans’ club of the Yaounde II University also thrilled the guests, attracting thunderous applauses from the crowd.

The Brasseries Orchestra also left the audience spellbound while comedians triggered clattering laughter from them.

By Jude Fuhnwi

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