Bonaloka: Notorious Gang Cause Havoc


“Les Irakiens de Bonaloka” vowed to avenge the stabbing to death of one of theirs on September 21.

The Bonaloka neighbourhood and its environs (Douala III municipality) have suffered all sorts of vandalism, burglary and harassments from a notorious armed group known as “Les Irakiens de Bonaloka.” A month hardly runs to an end without the said group, with members between 10 and 18 years, carrying out an operation. The locality is said to be one of the most dangerous in Douala.
Saturday, September 21 marked the death of one of theirs, Ibrahim Samba, who attempted stealing a cell phone from the ear of its owner. The owner of the phone, Fohom F. Y. rushed home, brought a sharp knife and pieced Ibrahim who according to the Commissioner of the 8th District Police Station, Assoa Assoa Martien was liberated from the New Bell Prison a week ago.
Following the stabbing to death of the gang member, the deceased elder brother (Abdoul W. D., alias “Abdoul Samba”) who is also a member of the gang mobilised other members of the gang who ransacked and destroys the killer’s family house that harbours 12 tenants. Since they didn’t meet any family member in the residence, they promised to kidnap and kill the two daughters of the Fohom family since their elder brother is on-the-run.
When the news of the attack reached the 8th District Police Station, Commissioner Assoa Assoa immediately dispatched some elements of the Esir, who searched and arrested the perpetuator of the act, Abdoul Samba, while the rest of the gang members and Ibrahim’s killer are still on-the-run. Assoa Assoa has asked the Fohom family and all 12 tenants to return to their residence while promising them police protection.
On his part, the Quarter Head of Bonaloka, Saibou Oumara, has fortified the quarter’s vigilante group to assure total security while saluting police patrol that is still ongoing in the neighbourhood.

Cameroon Tribune

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