50th Anniversary of Reunification: Stakeholders Enjoined To Accelerate Works

The exhortation was made by the Local Organising Committee chairperson.

Contractors, control technicians and other stakeholders involved in the execution of projects earmarked for the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Cameroon’s reunification billed for Buea, have been urged to speed up work in order to meet up with the new deadline of April 30. The call was made by Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai while chairing a follow-up meeting to evaluate the level of execution of projects.

The Governor said the head of the National Organising Committee, Minister Director of Civil Cabinet at the Presidency, Martin Belinga Eboutou, expected in Buea on April 17, alongside other cabinet ministers. He exhorted Regional Delegates supervising works as well as contractors to submit to his office difficulties faced in executing projects before Friday April 12, 2013.

Two companies (Arab Contractors and Chariot construction) handling the construction of 12 road projects and the rehabilitation of the Presidential Palace have so far done only 25 and 35 per cents of work respectively as against 87 and 86 per cents contractual time consumed. The Regional Delegate of Urban Development and Housing, Oben Francis said the removal of the middle elevators on the main boulevard from Mile 17 to Police Roundabout as well as the covering of gutters with slaps have just been approved to the tune of some FCFA 2 Billion.

As for lodging facilities, the rehabilitation of the two State hotels (Buea Mountain Hotel and the Parliamentary Flat) according to the Regional Delegate of Tourism and Leisure, Elangwe Peter Pel, still needs finishing, with kitchen, swimming pool equipments, furniture and the optic fibre connection lacking. The construction of an open air amphi theatre and the reunification monument expected to last for five months under the supervision of the Ministry of Arts and Culture, have just taken off with the clearing of the sites.

Works on the amphi theatre stopped because of the high tension electricity installation, a representative of the Regional Delegate of Culture said but an official of the electricity company said they have not been notified as claimed by the supervisory delegation of Culture.Meanwhile, the water and electricity supply situation in Buea still leaves much to be desired. The project to light the 8 km main boulevard in Buea is also still to begin. However, the contractors complained of nonpayment of their bills by government.

The Chief Executive Officer of Chariot Construction indicated that his company executing several road projects would take just two weeks to complete its work if their bills are paid. Meantime, the head of the Debate and Conference Sub-committee, Prof. Victor Julius Ngoh said four conference themes submitted by the committee have been selected. Cameroon at UN, National Anthem, Foumban conference and national integration and unity are the selected themes with the later to hold in Buea.

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