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Kuwait: Cameroonian Housemaid Thrown From 4th Floor

Stephanie N., who travelled to Kuwait in search of a better livelihood, returned to Cameroon via the Douala International Airport on October 4, 2015 with nothing to show but a wheelchair that speaks all of her misfortune. The 23-year-old served as housemaid to a Kuwaiti family which reportedly maltreated her.

The peak of her physical abuse took place recently when her employer thrashed her and then threw her out of a fourth floor window for burning the dress she was ironing. According to the young girl’s statement to officers of the Special Branch Police Station at the Douala International Airport, she was rushed to hospital after the incident by a Cameroonian.

While in hospital, her doctor offered her a wheelchair since she was partly paralysed. The Good Samaritan also paid her flight back to Cameroon where she has since reunited with her family in the North West Region.

Cameroon Tribune