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RFI Correspondent Detained, Interrogated in Cameroon

A journalist working as correspondent for the Hausa service of Radio France Internationale (RFI) has been held incommunicado in Cameroon by officials to enquire about his alleged involvement in activities of the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram.

Mr Ahmed Abba who is being questioned in Yaounde, was arrested by security forces on July 30 in Maroua in the Far North region of the country, and later transfered to the political capital.

The French media company says Abba has been denied access to his lawyer for the past two weeks and has called on Cameroon to allow lawyers to see him.

In a press release, RFI confirms that the detained journalist is being investigated for his alleged involvement in the activities of the islamic sect, now referred to as the Islamic State of West Africa, describing his arrest as “secret”.

According to his lawyer, Charles Tchoungang, the journalist has been denied his right to a lawyer by Cameroonian authorities. He says this is contrary to a legal principle of assumption of innocence.

RFI has expressed worries and demanded access to the files of  its Hausa correspondent and indicated interest in knowing the fate and state of the journalist.

“No matter the gravity of the offence charged against my client, it is normal for a state of law like Cameroon to make it possible for us to have access to my client while waiting for the case to be sent to court” said Barrister Tchoungang.

In a statement, the company said:“In Cameroon, police custody cannot exceed 28 days but we have just been informed that certain measures allow authorities to extend that period”

By Blaise Whumo

Edited by Jude Fuhnwi