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U.S. Military Trains African Armies Ahead of Boko Haram Campaign

Under the glare of the Saharan sun, a U.S. special forces trainer corrects the aim of a Chadian soldier as he takes cover behind a Toyota pick-up and fires at a target with his AK47 — a drill that could soon save his life. Chad is sending hundreds of troops to fight Boko Haram in neighboring Nigeria as part of a regional offensive against the Islamist group, which killed an estimated 10,000 people last year in a campaign to carve an Islamic emirate from the north of Africa’s largest oil producer.

2022 World Cup: Fifa rules out compensation for unhappy clubs

Fifa says it will not pay compensation to clubs and leagues unhappy about plans to play the 2022 Qatar World Cup in November and December.
It also said no apology was necessary for the scheduling of the tournament, which will disrupt a number of leagues.
A Fifa taskforce has recommended the 2022 World Cup take place in winter to avoid Qatar’s hot summer temperatures.
“There will be no compensation,” said Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke. “There are seven years to reorganise.”
Fifa’s executive committee will meet in Zurich next month to ratify the taskforce’s recommendation.
Valcke also suggested that a 2022 World Cup final on 23 December was looking increasingly likely.
Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore says a final that close to Christmas will cause havoc with the traditional festive club programme, while Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce wants it played a week earlier.
But Valcke says European governing body Uefa and other confederations are keen on Friday, 23 December, although 18 December is also a possibility.
Valcke also confirmed the 2022 World Cup will be four days shorter as a “concession” to leagues and clubs – 28 days instead of the usual 31 or 32 – and that the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations will move to June from January.
‘It’s not perfect, we know that’

Speaking at a news conference in Doha on Wednesday, Valcke admitted the situation was “not perfect” but added: “Why are we talking about compensation? It’s happening once, we’re not destroying football.
“Why should we apologise to the clubs? We have had an agreement with the clubs that they are part of the beneficiaries. It was $40m (£26m) in 2010 and $70m (£45m) in 2014. We are bringing all our people to enjoy the sporting and financial results of the World Cup.”
‘Clearly there will be fixture challenges’

Scottish Football Association chief executive Stewart Regan has added his voice to those lamenting the impact a winter World Cup will have on leagues and clubs around the world.
“We will look at the knock-on effects of the decision and how it will affect Scottish football,” he said. “Clearly there will be fixture challenges for leagues across the world.
“We have been expecting this decision for some time, but it is going to run late into December and just how close to Christmas it gets is something that needs to be thought through.”
‘Keep disruption to an absolute minimum’

The Football League’s chief executive Shaun Harvey: “We are disappointed by this recommendation as we could have reasonably expected the tournament to be played at the end of our 2021/22 season given that was the basis upon which the tender process was conducted.
“Clearly, there will be any number of questions to raise with Fifa once the final decision is confirmed so that we can discuss the practical implications with our clubs and other stakeholders in order to keep any fixture disruption to an absolute minimum.”

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Domestic gas consumption in Cameroon increased by 14% in the 2013-2014 period

(Business in Cameroon) – Domestic gas consumption in Cameroon rose from 60,000 to 90,000 metric tonnes from 2013 to 2014 according to Malloum Bra, depot chief with Société camerounaise des dépôts pétroliers (SCDP), the country’s main oil product storage facility. Bra indicates that this growth in consumption represents a 14% increase in one year.
This increase in domestic gas usage, for which the average rate of 9% was significantly surpassed last year, is a good sign in the fight against deforestation which normally occurred due to wood being used as fuel in homes in some parts of the country.
Domestic gas is also a good alternative to using lamp oil.

207 Boko Haram tués près de Gambaru par l’armée tchadienne

Au Tchad, l’armée tchadienne indique avoir été attaquée mardi sur ses positions par les islamistes de Boko Haram près de Gambaru en territoire nigérian.
Une attaque qui a provoqué une contre-offensive dont le bilan est lourd si l’on en croit l’armée tchadienne.
Selon des sources militaires contactées sur la ligne de front, ce sont les islamistes qui ont attaqué en premier les positions de l’armée tchadienne, non loin de Gambaru, près de la frontière camerounaise. Les Tchadiens ont répliqué et ont poursuivi leurs assaillants jusque dans une localité située en pleine forêt et distante de Gambaru.
Les combats, très violents selon les sources de RFI, auraient duré plusieurs heures. Les premiers bilans donnent 207 islamistes tués, un soldat tchadien tué et neuf autres blessés.
L’armée tchadienne affirme aussi avoir détruit treize pick-up et des dizaines de motos qui ont servi à l’attaque. Toujours selon l’armée, une auto-mitrailleuse légère de marque française équipée d’un émetteur-récepteur et des mitraillettes ont été récupérées sur l’ennemi, ainsi que plusieurs kalachnikovs et des munitions.

Muslims Predict Jesus Will Defeat ISIS, Beginning in 2015

All right, it might not start until 2016, these things can be awfully hard to predict exactly. However, surprising as it may seem, one way or another the end of ISIS is in sight, and it’s all resting securely in the hands of Jesus, peace be upon him.

There has been a great deal of mainstream media attention lately, both video and print, regarding the fact that ISIS is recruiting based on the promise that their fighters are actually participating in the rapidly approaching end of the world.

At the same time, mainstream orthodox Muslim websites are already predicting Jesus’ return as early as 2022, starting an Islamic prophetic clock set to run over the next 7 years, in the purportedly rapidly approaching run-up to Armageddon.

The good news is that even if they’re wrong, those claims ISIS is making about their own role in Islamic end-time prophecy spell their own certain end. Because even though ISIS claims they’re fighting on the side of the angels, it’s obvious they’re not, and it should become progressively clearer to even the most misguided Jihadi that either ISIS is wrong about Armageddon or that they’re on the wrong side, because of all the things Muslims know are supposed to happen.

And if it turns out they’re right, then we can all rest assured that by the time the dust has finally settled there will be no question left about who’s side they are really on, because it’s all going to be about Jesus.

Frankly, although I’d like to believe the orthodox predictions are correct, I think they’re premature, and that ISIS is crazy-stupid. We had a very informative event up here in Calgary last month hosted by the US State Department, where Dr. Michael Ryan of the Middle East Institute shared his valuable insights into ISIS’ recruiting strategy. We learned that ISIS actually complains in their internal communiqués about their difficulty recruiting informed Muslims, because “Islam makes them tend towards life and their community”. They find more success attracting Muslims they call “losers” — ignorant about their Islamic faith and marginalized by drugs, alcoholism, crime, mental illness or recent life-changing events. That’s not the sort of Muslim you would expect to know much about the religion, or to make good life — or end-of-life — choices either. Given that, I think we can discount their validity of their “good-guy” claims, even despite their despicable and deplorable actions which should in themselves be sufficient.

But even if we considered that they might be right about the impending apocalypse, what sort of events should the next few years bring according to confirmed Islamic eschatology?
First, the Euphrates River should soon be uncovering a mountain of gold, with the Arabian Peninsula becoming filled with meadows and rivers.
Then, some Muslims throughout the world will be inexplicably transformed into apes and pigs because of their attempts to make lawful some rather significant major sins. Personally, I think that one’s aimed squarely at al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabab and ISIS and their associates, and their rather liberal views regarding murder, tumult, oppression and slavery.
Then shortly thereafter you can expect the coming of the Mahdi, his uncovering of the Ark of the Covenant and his evangelism of a significant proportion of the world’s Jews, who will wake up and realize that they shouldn’t be ignoring and allowing Israel’s oppressing Muslims and Christians in Palestine.
Then, you will see the coming of al-Masih ad-Dajjal –the false Messiah or anti-Christ– the descent of ‘Isa ibn Maryam [‘alayhis-salam] –that’s Jesus– and his defeat of the anti-Christ followed by the coming of Ya’juj and Ma’juj –Gog and Magog–,followed by:
The rising of the sun from the west
The appearance of the Beast of the Earth
The wind that will take the souls of the believers
The ruin of al-Madinah –Medina–
The destruction of the Ka’bah –Mecca– by the Abyssinians
And the fire that will come from the Yemen to gather the people in Sham before the coming of Judgement Day.
I think you’ll all have to admit, that’s a lot to pack into the next seven years and it’s going to be hard to miss.
And with that 7 year clock running, if it all doesn’t start happening soon, you can expect to see ISIS supporters starting to slip away.

But if it does come true, what sort of a man is the Mahdi supposed to be? Muslim prophecies are actually frighteningly clear, and do seem to predict the current state of affairs in the Levant, hold out hope for the rest of us and promise an end to ISIS.

At the end of time, a severe tribulation will descend upon my Ummah from their ruler. A worse tribulation will not have been heard of before, until the earth’s expanse is constricted upon them, and until the earth is filled with tyranny and oppression, so that the mu’min will find no refuge from the oppression.
Then, Allah [‘azza wa-jall] will send a man from my descendents who will fill the earth with equity and justice as it had been filled with oppression and tyranny. The inhabitants of the heavens and the earth will be pleased with him. The earth will not withhold any of its growth, but will bring it out, neither will the sky withhold a drop, but Allah will pour it out upon them in showers. He will live among them for seven years, or eight, or nine. The living will wish that the dead were brought to life again to witness the great good that Allah brought about for the people of the earth.
There will be at the end of time a trial that will sort out men as gold is sorted out from metal. So do not revile the people of Sham, but revile their evil ones, for among them are the Abdal [great righteous people]. A flood is about to be released upon the people of Sham that will split their unity, so that even if foxes attack them, they would defeat them.
At that time, a man from my household will come out with three banners. The one who estimates highly will say that they are fifteen thousand. And the one who estimates lower will say that they are twelve thousand. Their sign will be: “Amit, amit [kill, kill].” They will meet in battle seven banners, and under each of those banners will be a man seeking the kingdom. Allah will kill all of them, and restore to the Muslims their unity and bounty, and their far ones and near ones.
And what about Jesus? Even though Muslims and Christians disagree about what he is, with Christians claiming he’s God and Muslims declaring he’s not, everybody agrees about what sort of a person he was, is and will be: a man who fulfilled the Jewish Covenant and taught benevolent compassion to his followers, his example remaining a source of hope and inspiration to all humankind for the rest of time.

Can anyone conceive that that person –or Person– when he –or He– descends to lead us, could conceivably countenance the despicable and deplorable acts of ISIS?

God Forbid, it could never happen, not even if the world ends tomorrow or lasts for another thousand years.

Bottom line, I have served God and loved Jesus my entire life, and I followed Jesus into Islam when I realized I became a worse man by worshipping Him and a better man by following him. And my greatest hope for today is that Muslims and Christians are all starting to look forward to his return, because regardless of when that happens his example and his words can guide all of us to a better place together, with the help of God.

Because regardless of what the next years bring or which faith we follow, we are all waking up and realizing that we all need Jesus, peace be upon him.

Praise God/Alhamdulillah, Amen.

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