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NW Fons Slam Senator Fon Teche

By Chris Mbunwe
The Advisory Council of Elders of the Northwest Fons’ Union, NOWEFU, September 5, disowned their sitting President, Senator Teche Njei of Ngyen-Muwa, for allegations of wrong doing.

The Advisory Council composed of S. A. N. Angwafor III of Mankon, Fon Senator Dr. Ganyonga III of Bali, Fon Abumbi II of Bafut, Fon Sehm Mbinglo of Nso, Fon Vincent Yuh of Kom, Fon Isaac Chafah XI of Bangolan, Fon Ndofoa Zofoa of Babungo, Francis Aneng of Bafmeng, and 10 others met at the Mankon Fon’s Palace.

In a two-page communiqué, they described Fon Teche as untrustworthy, embezzler and a businessman who is marketing traditional titles everywhere at any time. After an opening sentence that there is increasing need to consolidate the peace and unity among all the people of Cameroon, the Fons started bashing Senator Teche.

“There has been a shameful marketing of traditional titles and values of the Northwest people, spearheaded by the incumbent President of NOWEFU, Chief Teche Njei of Ngyen-Muwa, which should stop with immediate effect. There have been several attempts by Chief Teche Njei to marginalise Paramount and First Class Fons, including other prominent Fons of NOWEFU in the NOWEFU decision making processes affecting the Northwest Region and its people,” reads the communiqué.


The Fons point out to Fon Teche that his attempts to marginalise the NOWEFU Council of Elders is causing unexpected divisions among the population of the Northwest, a situation unacceptable at a time when the Fons of the Region are mobilising their people to collect their voters’ cards  and vote massively at the September 30 twin elections.

The Fons indict Teche for lack of transparency and accountability of funds collected all over the country in the name of NOWEFU. The Fons invoked what they term their sacred duty to protect, preserve, defend and promote the cherished customary and traditional heritage of the people of the Northwest in particular and Cameroon in general.

“This is being damaged by Chief Teche Njei in contradiction of the constitution of NOWEFU,” the Fons say. They say to maintain the dignity and integrity of the Northwest, traditional titles awarded under shameful and doubtful circumstances by Chief Teche and his clique are questionable and must be reviewed thoroughly by the General Assembly of NOWEFU.

The Fons request the Chairman of the NOWEFU Constitutional Review Committee, the Paramount Fon of Bafut, to co-opt the Council of Elders in the preparation of a revised constitution to be presented to the General Assembly. Reacting to all these allegations, Fon Teche, who stormed out of the meeting, told The Post that there is nothing like Council of Elders in NOWEFU because it is unconstitutional.

He said the allegations that he has not accounted for the funds collected is baseless because the FCFA 15 million he collected was pumped into the Secretariat project at Mile Four. The beleaguered NOWEFU President said it is ridiculous that after an audit team assessed his Treasurer, they were given a pass mark only for the so-called Council of Elders to accuse him of embezzlement. On the accusation of selling traditional titles, Fon Teche said the Council of Elders is just jealous.

He added that he will soon call a bureau meeting of NOWEFU and questioned why this sudden hatred for him and his office just because he is a Senator. Fon Teche said his appointment as Senator is not because he is the President of NOWEFU. He said he has been a politician Fon, a Section President and a Central Committee member and the recent appointment as Senator is beyond what the Council of Elders knows.

Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, who brought NOWEFU to the limelight, told The Post on phone that what is happening today is disgraceful, disheartening and shameful. “It is regrettable that the Elders of NOWEFU are only seeing what is happening now. Their reaction is coming too late; they could have reacted some 10-15 years ago. The whole institution, NOWEFU, has been politicised and commercialised.

This is a structure I worked for, slaved for and brought to the limelight, but because of greed it has become a laughing stock. Traditional titles are sold to crooks and elections riggers. It’s unfortunate that, that is what is happening to an institution that was honoured, respected and held in high esteem by Cameroonians and non-Cameroonians nationally and internationally, but today NOWEFU is a shadow of itself,” Nico Halle lamented.

The Post

Limbe Shipyard Workers Strike Over Low Allowances

By Francis Tim Mbom

CameroonPostline.com — Some 200 employees attached to Bam International, which is constructing a polyvalent quay (quay wall) at the shipyard side in Limbe, Southwest Region went on a sit-down strike on Monday, September 2.

The employees downed their tools after sending a memo to the Divisional Delegation of Labour Fako demanding for payments of risk allowances, increase in housing and medical allowances among other things they do not seem to be pleased with. Bam International is an arm of Royal Bam Group, a Dutch company from Holland which won the contract early this year to design and construct a quay wall at the Limbe Shipyard site. The contract runs till May 2014 and is worth some 29 million Euros (approximately FCFA 19.027 billion).

But one of the staff representatives of the workers, Gustave Noa, told The Post on Monday, September 2, that despite the several billions destined for the realization of the contract, they have virtually been slaving for mere pittances. He said their risk, health and other allowances were being grossly underpaid by their Bam employers.

Noa said they had long complained to the Project Manager, Gerald Turk, but he had not responded to their demands which he said were based on the prescriptions of the Labour Code and the National Collective Convention signed by the Government and workers of the private sector. “You cannot imagine that for an international contract of this magnitude we work from 7 am till 6 pm and our risk allowance is put at only FCFA 10,000 a month,” Noa said.

Noa, who is an excavator operator, said they were ready to resume work as soon as the management of the project accepts to dialogue and meet with their demands. “An average worker here who leaves his house at 6 am every morning and returns, daily, after 6 pm is paid an average of FCFA 60.000 which we think is not good for a project of this magnitude,” Noa said. He added, “Can one rent a house for FCFA 10,000 a month in Limbe because that is what we are offered as housing allowance here?”

Other workers The Post talked to echoed the same feelings of dissatisfaction with Bam International. By press time, the DO of Limbe II, Ndouga E., accompanied by the Regional Delegate of Labour for the Southwest went to meet the workers who had emptied out of the Shipyard site onto the road leading into the site that shares boundary with the National Oil Refining Company, SONARA, located at Cape Limboh.

The DO and his delegation presented an invitation letter addressed to the workers by the Project Manager, Turk, inviting them for a resolution meeting that was to take place at 10 am at the Shipyard site. Noa had told The Post that they were programmed to go on with their strike for three days before deciding on their next move if no solution was reached.

The Post

Man Had 19 Surgeries To Resemble Superman

Herbert Chavez, 35, has spent £4,400 on his obsession.
Has had nose jobs, lip liposuction, jaw realignment and pec implants
The Phillipino takes to the streets and promotes good morals to children

When Clark Kent wanted to transform into Superman, it was a fairly simple task.He would step into a phone box, spin around and the switch would be complete.But Herbert Chavez’s change into the comic book hero has taken a bit longer – through 16 years of plastic surgery. Herbert Chavez underwent 19 surgeries over 16 years to look like Clark Kent. Here is how he changed between 1995 and 2012. The 35-year-old, from Calamba City, Philippines, has had nose jobs, skin whitening, lip liposuction, jaw realignment, pec implants and even abdominal implants to become a real-life Clarke Kentafter falling in love with the TV programme aged five.He has splashed around 300,000 Pesos (£4,400) on his obsession – a fortune compared to the average 90p hourly wage in the Philippines.

Mr Chavez regularly takes to the streets around his home dressed in full Superman regalia, with his hair gelled in distinctive curly fashion. He aims to teach kids good morals while also brightening their days. Mr Chavez goes out in the streets wearing his full costume and signature gel-covered hair to promote good morals to local children He said: ‘I feel like a Superhero whenever I pull on the costume, but my mission is not to save the world but to help in my own small way and bring a smile to the faces of local children. I don’t have any regrets at all. People come up to me in the street all the time and want their picture taken with me. They are all really excited to see a real-life Superman in the Philippines. In June 2013 Guinness recognised Herbert for having the largest collection of Superman memorabilia with 1,253 items.

But his distinctive look has not come easily, with Herbert going under the knife repeatedly to copy every last feature of the super hero he worships – right down to his chiselled chin.And Mr Chavez admits it is tasking trying to keep up with such a ‘perfect’ person.He added: ‘If you talk about super heroes, the expectation of people is that they are flawless, they do not get hurt, they do not die. But as human beings, we can only copy their looks. Especially as a Filipino, I have very Asian features and did not look like the caucasian Superman. ‘So when I was able to save enough money to alter my features, I chose to copy those of Superman. It is hard living up to people’s expectations as a living superhero.

That is the reason I have had so many surgeries because I undergo maintenance procedures that need performing.’For example, my cleft chin is formed of hydrogel, but it does not always appear balanced. The more dehydrated you get the smaller it gets, so you have to keep adding to it.’I am such a good customer of my surgeon, Tito Garcia, he does all the work for free as part of a part-exchange deal. ‘I help publicise his practice in return.Herbert now plans to keep improving his look with more operations to make him taller and surgery to beef up his abdomen and bum.

But he acknowledges that there may be a day when he has to halt the extensive surgeries.Mr Chavez said: ‘I totally don’t have any regrets. What is there for me to regret? Everything that has happened in my life has been positive and because of Superman.’When my body says it can not endure it anymore or when my doctor says that my body can not handle it because of age, then I will stop.’Single Mr Chavez creates his own Superman costumes, T-shirts and clothing from scratch at his dress making shop.And the 35-year-old, who has featured on Billboards in his native country, says he hopes to one day meet a partner who can share his love of Superman.

Change: Herbert Chavez underwent 19 surgeries over 16 years to look like Clark Kent. Here is how he changed between 1995 and 2012


I am single but also inspired to find another person to share my passion with.’But they will have to put up with his huge collection of Superman memorabilia – built up over decades worth of obsession.In June 2013 Guinness recognised Mr Chavez for having the largest collection of Superman memorabilia with 1,253 items – ranging from life-size dolls, to posters and rings worth thousands of pounds.But he says his collection is actually closer to 5,000 items and plans to increase it to around 10,000 pieces – and has even moved home in order to accommodate the influx of comic book clutter.

Now famous across his native country thanks to numerous TV appearances, Mr Chavez’s friends and family are supportive of his unusual hobby.Him mum Linda said: ‘I remember when he was a kid, he was already fond of Superman figures. He would be very happy when I bought him shirts with Superman pictures on them.’At school they held drawing competitions, and he would always draw Superman pictures.’As parents we are happy because though he is small, he has become the Filipino Superman. He has become well known in our community – he has become people’s idol.

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